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Quick-thinking coach saves 11-year-old gymnast from life-threatening fall 
August 24 2018, 3:58 PM
An 11-year-old gymnast is thanking the coach who rushed in and saved her from a potentially life-threatening injury.

Young gymnast, Cadence Tuite, was doing a warm-up routine on the uneven bars; suddenly, her hands slipped. However, her coach professionally catch her in time before her head hit the ground.


“It did scare me,” Tuite told us.

Her coach stepped in and caught her, a split second before she hit the mat headfirst.

The coach is being praised all over the social media for saving her from a serious injury. “I knew I was falling, but when he was rolling with me, I didn’t know what was going on,” she said.

It happened so fast, even her mother who was standing nearby, though it was a rug wrapping around her daughter.

Cadence told her coach: “Thanks for catching me!”. Afterward, Cadence competed in the gymnastics championship in Ontario, Canada, moments later.

Coaches are not the only one who train and teach us about how to work or to practice. When we are in need, they will use their expertise to help or even save us while we are in danger.

Another case also happens to a 13-year-old gymnast and his coach. An awesome coach helped save a 13-year-old gymnast from serious injury at a national competition in Springfield, Massachusetts, this past weekend. Noah Viera was also warming up on the high bar on Saturday. Before getting started, he asked his coach Cal Booker to spot him.

Viera was doing a term for the 360-degree rotation around the bar. When his grips “ripped off the bar and he went flying into the air. His coach rushed in like a superhero, successfully saved the boy from a disastrous fall.

 Viera was hurtling through the air before his coach grabs him around the waist just before he lands on the mat.

Viewers can’t help but utter: “The force is within him.” “He caught her with style too.” “We need more people like her coach” “Can he catch my grades?” “I’ve never seen a catch so finessed like that” Watch video

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