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How to put guava fruit in a bottle? The answer of the first grade boy surprised adults
February 10 2019, 8:59 AM
Do you know how one can put a guava, apple, pear ... in a bottle to soak wine? The 1st grade boy in the story below will help you answer this question!

Recently, a mother shared the story of her son who was about to enter grade 1, made both her the boss and colleagues in her company admire with his convincing words. The story is shared again as follows:

How to put this guava fruit in a bottle?

My boss uploaded this picture on Facebook and asked people: How to put this guava in the bottle?

Everyone in the room scrambled to find the answer and was impressed with some extremely creative solutions of a fbker:

– Using a diamond knife to cut away the bottle of guava fruit, and then pour the wine into …

– Use the magic power of Sun Wukong to push in …

– Put 1 piece of guava in after a while it grows into a tree, flowering fruit, large guava fruit as in the picture … then pour the wine into the tree will fall and take the tree and left the guava …

Every answer given was a refreshing laugh for everyone in the room in the early morning, there was no convincing answer. Suddenly my son shouted:

– I know it

– You know what? – Everyone asked.

– Yes, when the guava fruit was young, I put it in the bottle and it will slowly grow up. I picked the fruit down, poured the water into the bottle

My son’s answer made everyone in the room surprise and acknowledge it. My boss kept his eyes on my child and then complimented me:

– You’re too good, too smart. But why did you know this, did you hear anyone say it?

– No

– So why did you think of it?

– Yes, because my mom used to show me a picture of the turtle with the belt hanging on his back, he could not grow up. She explained that when the turtle was small, she was caught by the rope that no one helped him to remove, so it grew up with a tie across his belly. Naturally, when I looked at the picture of guava, I suddenly thought of the turtle and I answered.

– Good, I will reward you for fried chicken!

The image of a poor turtle being tied by the rope.

The mother in this story also shared her secret of teaching her children to the admiration of her colleagues, she said:

“Actually, I don’t have any secret, part of my intelligence is available, and the other part is because of me:

Read stories often, tell stories to children from 3 years old. When older children buy books for their children to read, encourage them to read books every day for about 15 – 30 minutes. I often take my kids to the bookstores and let me buy whatever books I like as long as they match my age.

Spend time watching TV with your child, explaining to you what you have just seen and heard. For example turtle service. I open the picture to show you, explain to him why the turtle is like that, then talk about the broader issue of protecting all schools, not throwing garbage indiscriminately and making the environment affected, just poor animals cannot protect themselves.

Never refuse any questions of children. With any of your child’s questions, stop working and answer. If you do not know how to resend the answer later, both mother and son can learn together. Never say no to them

Help your child develop imagination, association. With every story told to me, I always set a lot of explanations for me to think and answer.

Source: tinfast 

Hoang Ngan


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