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Put fish into girl’s collarbone – the newest beauty trend to measure how skinny girls are
August 03 2018, 11:13 AM
"Drop fish to measure the standard size" is very simple and does not require much tools.

If there are contests for the most imaginative, creative and the most unique ones it is for sure belongs to the netizens. By surfing SNSs you will find out how many new trends, new challenges are invented and popularized by SNS users.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho fish in collarbone

In addition to the myriad of fun-filled moments for a group of friends or couples, it’s impossible to not overlook the beauty trends for the girls (and the boys if they want to).  Like many other trends this one is now “bombing” on the internet.

The aim is put as much fish into your collarbone as possible. The more you have, the skinner you are.

However, many people also said that this method can’t be used to accurately measure ones size or become the beauty standard. Moreover, people should not be given any body standard because each one has an unique way of assessing their own beauty.

Trào lưu thả cá vào xương quai xanh để chứng minh mình hạc xương mai, bạn thử chưa? - Ảnh 5.

This guy participated in the trend by using plastic fish

Nevertheless, the movement has received huge the response of so many people. Originated from Chinese, this trend is gradually spreading to other countries, including the West.

Kieu Anh



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