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Put your feet on this transparent bridge in China – equally beautiful and terrifying
July 23 2018, 4:11 PM
This glass bridge suspended 662 feet above a waterfall is equally beautiful and terrifying


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It’s 662 feet above a waterfall. This bridge is where you can enjoy the whole epic view beneath your feet.

However insane it may sound, thousands of visitors come here each year, not only to see the newly incredible level of creation but to challenge theirselves and their friends. Some did enjoy, others don’t.

The thick glass remains clear. And there’s no need to worry about its safety.

Also, you can play many joyful games like zipline. Some people left comments: ” I’m TERRIFIED just looking at it ” ” Must take lots of guts walking on a Made in China glass bridge suspended over 600 feet ” ” makes you wonder HOW they constructed it … ”

So, summer is about to end, grab your luggage and team up now !

Check out this video:

Ngoc Anh

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