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Put eels into the papaya tree trunk, 15 minutes later the man brings out a special thing which made everyone surprised
August 06 2018, 3:47 PM
No one can stop wondering at the mysterious actions of that man until seeing the result.

He prepared many ingredients for his experiment, such as 2 papaya tree trunks, pineapple leaves, other needed spice.

Firstly, he made the big eels clean, then he mixed them with lemongrass, pepper and chilli powder. Let mixuture break in 5 minutes.

Secondly, he sealed one hole of papaya tree trunk by a handful of pineapple leaves, then put eels into another hole of trunk.

After stuffing bowl of eels into 2 trunks, he add the rest of spice in them.

Next, he set up the woods and made fire, then put 2 trunks on them in order to grill in 15 minutes.

Finally, the grilled eel in the papaya tree trunk is finished. According to his feedback, the dish is really delicious, so definitely everyone can learn this cooking tips.

Watching video:

Hoang Yen

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