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Put the chicken in the mud, then grill on fire, after 30 minutes the strange smell that makes the village ‘desire’ to learn
September 09 2018, 1:36 AM
Roasting chicken style, young man covering chicken in the mud surprised everyone when seeing the results.

The man put the chicken on mud then covered it from top to bottom. First, It looked dirty and people did not like cooking in this way. But after that, smelling the taste from the grilled chicken, everyone has to say sorry to him because of its delicious.

“You boys are so active, full of energy, its fun watching you all. Keep up the good work guys, and keep us amused as always.” A netizen commented.

The chicken was covered by mud

And grilled on fire like this

The fire had to large like this for the chicken not to be raw

First, It looked like not delicious

But after that, its taste made people never forget

Watch video:

Source video: CHH

Hai Linh


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