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Put chicken egg in tomato and then grilled in an apple, young man show off the result smell so good
August 20 2018, 3:52 PM
Thought that the free youth is messing, who knows the result beyond imagination.

Tomato, apple, and chicken egg… These 3 things seem to be unrelated when it comes to cooking.

But this guy has the most incredible variation ever seen.

This guy came up with the idea of cooking a strange dish with chicken egg, tomato and apple.

Don’t know how it will taste when finished.

Here are the steps taken by this guy:

Young man holes in tomato and put egg in.

Then put it all in the apple and bake it.

The result is an unique egg ever.

It is weird but interesting with the variation of this dish is not it?

Watch video:

Dieu Linh

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