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Put beef, mushroom and cheese into the bamboo tube to fire, then a delicious meal will appear!
October 31 2018, 9:58 AM
Just do simple actions, you will have a yummy meal!

Instead of cooking beef in grill pan, two of the unique and attractive beef recipes below will make many people enjoy doing it.

The beef dish recipe is very suitable for the holidays to relax with family.

More detailed, here is the way how to grill beef with bamboo tube:

Prepare medium length bamboo tube then rinse with water.

Combine the mixture (including mushrooms, beef and cheese respectively)  and then cover the bamboo tube with a stone (or something will fit the hole of tube in your home).

Next, just light up the fire and grill. After cooking, you just need to use a knife for dividing the bamboo tube into two parts.

And this is a result, a grilled beef dish with mushroom cheese is really delicious.

A person said “The meal is so attracted. I want to cook the dish for my family right now.”

Wish you and your family a success!

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Source video: NTD


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