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Put 2 rolls of toilet paper in the refrigerator, you will wish to know this tip sooner
February 10 2019, 8:50 AM
Since the refrigerator appeared, her sister's housework has been supported, much harder. This is a popular and convenient household appliance that helps housewives store food longer, save time and money. Food for the whole week will be stored neatly in the refrigerator, not afraid of rancid or losing to the market many times.

Also because of too much food, the refrigerator definitely cannot avoid the bad smell and unpleasant smell. Did you realize that even if you tried to clean and clean the refrigerator, the smell would still appear soon after? You are very welcome because you have cleaned up, cleaned the refrigerator. However, to keep the refrigerator from being haunted for a longer time, you should know a great technique.

Placing 2 rolls of toilet paper into the refrigerator is the first trick you must apply.

You just need to prepare a few rolls of paper, then place them in the refrigerator compartments, you can put them in the freezer. Then you leave it alone for one night. The next morning, when you open the refrigerator door, you will be extremely surprised because every smell, smell, discomfort will disappear.

You wonder why maybe? Very simply, thanks to the structure, a tissue can help you eliminate the odor in the refrigerator. It is easy to understand this, because the humidity in the refrigerator is so high that the refrigerator will smell bad. Therefore, when putting a tissue in, the tissue will absorb excess moisture and of course the odor will be absorbed accordingly. The fruit is a safe, simple and easy to implement.

In addition, you can deodorize the refrigerator in the following ways:


You cut the lemon into many thin slices, then place it all over the refrigerator. The essential oil from the lemon peel will help eliminate the bad smell and smell of the refrigerator.


The bread is dry and spongy so it has very good moisture absorption. After only a few hours you can see the effect, what’s more convenient is that only one loaf of bread you can use for the entire month and still be unharmed.


Vinegar eat in addition to lightening clothes, degreasing on catfish … can also deodorize refrigerator. You just need to eat vinegar in a small cup, put in the refrigerator. Automatically all unpleasant odors will be removed.


Just like charcoal can eliminate the smell of rice, the smell of an unpleasant refrigerator is also removed by coal. You just need to put the charcoal in the cloth bag, smash it and put the bag in the fridge.

In life there are small troubles but we often encounter. Sometimes those seemingly simple cleaning jobs cost us a lot of time to clean up and handle, sometimes trying to keep things going.

So please introduce to us some extremely useful tips to help you save a lot of time and effort.

You can not remove stubborn stains inside the cup?

Just use a little toothpaste, a toothbrush everything has become very simple.

You do not know how to remove sewer odor in the sink?

Remove the grapefruit peel and boil it with water, then take it to the drain in the sink.

Metal faucets clean forever?

Cut the potato peel, gently remove the inner cover gently, immediately the faucet will shine like new.

Difficult to clean the dregs in plastic baskets?

Use a normal disinfectant solution and water at a ratio of 1: 200. Then soak the plastic basket in the mixture for about 2 hours, then rinse again with water.

Eliminate odors in towels

Wash towels and then dip into hot water. Pour in a little salt or vinegar, after 5 minutes lift and wash, dry under sunlight.

Do not remove the stickers from newly purchased items?

Using a hairdryer to blow on the sticky spot, it is easy to peel it off after a few moments. If you still need to use this label, you can reverse it several times.

Cutting board is difficult to clean?

First clean the cutting board, then sprinkle white salt on the cutting board, using a brush to scrub. After half a minute, rinse with water. Then sprinkle vinegar on the surface of the cutting board and allow it to dry naturally.

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