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A pretty little girl got her hair tied with a balloon by her mother and the reason behind it is “admirable”
September 13 2018, 11:45 AM
Recently, a post from a Singaporean couple has gone viral for its cuteness.

The post’s picture was taken at a shopping mall – the Royal Sporting House in Singapore. By tying a helium balloon to their daughter’s hairband, the creative parents are able to keep track of their toddler while shopping.


The lovely little girl looks like an adorable mushroom with a balloon flying over her head.

Wherever she goes, her parents can easily recognize where she is thanks to this pinky balloon.

“Parents Tip 101: When your child is super hyper, one way to prevent them from getting lost in the crowd, Tie a Balloon as their Hairband….easy to spot them and good as a marker in the crowd…Hahahhaha,” Facebook user Syaf Ayu wrote on a post last Friday along with images of their daughter inside the store.

Indeed, the balloon has become an instant tracking device as it made the little girl quite easy to spot even as she wandered around the store aisles.

Many people have shown interest in this “parents’ hack”, while the balloon girl has become a new phenomenon on social networks with the lovely creativity.

Nguyen Mai Huong

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