Prepare breakfast with egg roll with stir-fry noodle and canned fish
October 10 2018, 5:26 PM
Get up early in the morning and prepare yourself egg roll with stir-fry noodle and canned fish. The dish will boost your energy for a new day.


Eggs: 2

Instant noodles: 2

Canned fish: 200g

Soup powder: 1 pack

Fish sauce: 0.5 tbsp

Sugar: 0.5 tbsp

Spring onion: 5g

Butter: 20g

Chili: 5g


Step 1: Quickly boil instant noodles in hot water, then remove and drain.

Step 2: Boil canned fish with soup powder, sugar and fish sauce.

Step 3: Add in instant noodles, spring onion and chili. Then, stir well.

Step 4: Heat butter until it melts, add in eggs and fry. Then, add instant noodles.

Good luck and have a good meal!

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Kieu Trang

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