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Poverty-stricken father-daughter duo avert major train accident, save 2000 lives in Tripura!
January 08 2019, 9:51 AM
Swapan and his young daughter realised that a mud slide caused by incessant rains had washed away a segment of train tracks!

On June 15th, two locals of Dhalai’s Ambassa in northern Tripura, Swapan Debbarma and his daughter Somati, were walking across the rail lines. That’s when they found out that the tracks were severely damaged by landslides that had happened due to heavy rains. So, when they saw a train hurtling towards doom, the father-daughter duo waved their shirts and brought it to a halt. Now, that’s true heroism in action.

Word of Somati and Swapan Debbarma’s action spread. When Tripura Health and Science & Tech. Minister Sudip Roy Barman heard about it, he invited them over to his house. He said,

“Had they not taken the risk in stopping the train, lives would’ve been lost. When I came to know of this, I called them at my residence and had breakfast with them.”

That’s true because there were 2000 passengers who could’ve been injured, or worse, died if Somati and Swapan hadn’t used their common sense to stop the train. So, it was only fitting when Roy Barman praised the father-daughter duo in front of all members of the Tripura Assembly.

In addition to that, Roy Barman talked about the topic during Zero Hour in detail and requested CM Biplab Kumar Deb and the House to give them an award for their actions. That’s not all because Roy Barman also told that Debbarma’s name will be recommended to the Central Government and the Railways Ministry for help and a reward.

Debbarma and his family, considered quite poor, have since been showered with assistance from various organizations and individuals. It was even suggested that the local train station be renamed in honor of him.

Via: The Epoch Times

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