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Posting sensitive pictures being in bed on Facebook to celebrate 3rd anniversary, young couple make netizens furious at their corruptive life
January 21 2019, 9:56 AM
The young couple got a load of criticism after sharing sensitive photos of being busy.

Recently, Thailand netizen have made a fiercely argument about a young couple’s action. They shared sensitive photos of process to have a babies publicly on Facebook that make people embarrassed when looking at. These corruptive photos reflected indifferent attitude of the young couple.

Posting sex photos in bed on social network the young couple got bitter ending right away.

This is one of hot problem that netizens are very interested in and criticized very harshly. With the act of posting sensitive clips and photos of being busy on Facebook, the couple are condemned harshly.

This is a warning for the youth who are abusing social networks without knowing result they will receive from netizens.

Lan Le

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