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Portrait of the most famous close friend group of Asian Crazy Rich Kids: beautiful, handsome, crazy rich, and talent!
January 25 2019, 1:53 PM
One of them is the daughter of a billionaire, one is an internationally famous fashion blogger, etc. This friend group includes all outstanding characters.

Followings are the photos of Singapore Rich Kids. As can be seen, all of them are young, beautiful and handsome, and wearing ton-sur-ton clothes. They are all the “legend” names amongst Rich Kid Group.

 The photos bring together the richest young people in Singapore.

Kim Lim – daughter of a Singaporean billionaire

There have been lots of papers written about the current richest kid of Singapore – Kim Lim. She is the one standing on the right end (in the first photo). Kim Lim was born in 1994, daughter of billionaire Peter Lim (who is ranked 13th in the top 50 richest people in Singapore today).

Plenty of people envy her because not only living in luxury, she has many chances to meet and make friends with celebrities. Kim Lim is Seung Ri’s (Big Bang) close friend and she has intimate relationships with Beckham, Ronaldo, etc.

Currently, Kim had a delivery, however, she still maintains her slim shape.

Jumius Wong – Editor-in-chief of a prestigious magazine

Jumius Wong is the one who stands behind Kim Lim in the first photo. This handsome guy is the Editor-in-chief of New York Times Style Magazine Singapore (@tsingapore). He graduated from Murdoch University (Australia) and full of experiences in the country’s showbiz with more than 10 years of working in the fashion industry. Jumius Wong had many contributions and brings breakthroughs to the media. Jumius Wong’s family background is unclear but this guy’s social status must not be underestimated.

Yoyo Cao –  Famous Fashion blogger

The girl standing in the left of Jumius Wong in the first picture is Yoyo Cao. A Singaporean Fashion Blogger who has her own fashion brand named Exibit and a fashion website, the life style called Yoyokulala gets the attention of fashionistas and new life styles all around the world.

Jack Wang – Creative director of a fashion magazine

The left guy in the first picture is Jack Wang. Together with Jumius Wong, they are a perfect pair who brought Singapore’s fashion to the world. And of course, he is currently a Creative director of @tsingapore magazine. They are very close! This guy frequently meets celebrities and his job requries to have a wide relationships so he has to wear nicely, also Jack regularly updates his well-off life on Instagram which makes him a true Rich Kid.

Arissa Cheo – daugther of a rich family and wife of former member of F4, actor Vanness Wu (Wu Jian Hao)

And the left girl is Arissa Cheo who sits the first line of the picture. Cheo is daughter of a senior leader of Singapore’s largest Media Corp. Her family is also known as one of the most famous nobles in the country.

Reportedly, Chao and Vanness Wu had dated each other for 7 years before their marriage. During that period, they once broke up for 2 years, and then the former member of F4 is finally the one who re-conquered her heart. They got married in 2013, however, 3 years ago, they divorced each other.

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