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Pork fat – with ‘bad reputation ‘, can actually cure dozens of diseases
February 10 2019, 8:57 AM
Pig fat which is a familiar food in the past but is not very popular now because of its fat taste and is thought to cause atherosclerosis, fatty liver, obesity ...

Today many people use alternative cooking oil for lard. The reason is that because many people are concerned about the problem of dirty fat, some others do not like to eat fat because of the sickness in the opinion that animal fat itself (including lard) is the cause of fibrosis. Atherosclerosis, obesity, fatty liver …

Part of the reason may be that lard has a unique flavor, when you cook the dishes it will be very aromatic, stimulating the taste, leading to overeating, causing obesity and heart disease.

However, medical experts have voiced “unjust resolution” for lard because these things are not accurate. In lard, there is a lot of cholesterol required for cell structure, especially neurons. At the same time, if used at moderate levels, saturated fatty acids in lard will enhance blood capillaries, protect the circulatory system and prevent the risk of brain hemorrhage.

Fat is involved in the process of creating nerve cell membranes, involved in some enzymes metabolized in the body and especially the sex hormones, adrenal glands … Therefore, children are older and people from age middle-aged and older should add a little fat to the daily diet.

If only using cooking oil without eating fat, the body will be at risk of eye diseases such as decreased vision, corneal degeneration, even blindness; Osteoarthritis such as rickets, osteoporosis, easy fracture, joint pain; increased risk of myocardial infarction, angina, blockage …

How to eat pork fat right?

Pig fat is suitable for malnourished children, people with dry fecal disease, anemia, dizziness, elderly people with dry cough without phlegm. In addition to fat, pork sausage and nails have the effect of laxative skin, regulate blood flow. Women can take care of the pig’s skin and clean spring rolls to supplement collagen to maintain a youthful and smooth skin.

It should be noted, however, that in high fat and high-calorie fats, only moderate amounts should be eaten. Families should combine lard and rotating cooking oil, of course, do not eat too much to avoid being overweight or having health problems. People with poor digestion, gastrointestinal disease, hemiplegia, high blood pressure, flatulence, diarrhea, thick tongue deposits, mouth sores, should limit the consumption of lard.

Source: DKN

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