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After playing with the toys, this cute pig patiently puts them into the toy box that makes everyone’s hearts “melt”
June 22 2018, 10:18 AM
Not only eating and sleeping, the pig Paul is very obedient. After playing with the toys, he puts them into the box without being reminded.

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Netizens are being excited at the cuteness and intelligence of a little pig from Germany named Paul. Paul is very meticulous and patient. He knows how to put his toys into the toy box after playing without being reminded by the owner.

  He patiently picks up each of the toys and put it into the box

When the toy monkey just fell out of his mouth, Paul did not give up and tried once more time.

  After the monkey toy dropped out of the box He put monkey toy into the box once again 

Who says pets in homes can only be dogs, cats, birds, fish? As long as you have a loving heart, willing to take care them, you will realize that having a pig at home is very interesting. Without noisy attention, just by chubby appearance, they will “melt” your heart.

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