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Pictures about simple moments in love make all hearts “melt”
January 03 2019, 9:54 AM
In the chaos of life, love is not something too big, sometimes people only need silence for the spirit to be safe. That is when we sit together, hold hands, let our souls mingle and fully enjoy the present moment.

Korean artist Kyu-Young drew himself and his girlfriend from the time they got to know each other until they got married. Although he painted some small, ordinary and simple things, they made people feel very warm. These sweet things every day make many people admire.

1. “You will feel safer when clinging to my hand”.

2. “You are always my main character”.

3. “It’s good to see you before you go to sleep”.

4. Sometimes she is very cunning, but this is extremely lovely!

5. “I’ll always be your heater”.

6. “We will grow a bit slowly so we can be together longer”.

7. “Your concern is a special medicine for me”.

8. A small gesture but this is very respectful.

9. “The most romantic story in this world is to be able to accompany you to the end of the road”.

10. “I’m ready to carry you on my back”.

11. “This is not a formality, it comes from my heart”.

12. “The eyes of goodwill you give to your puppy make my heart vibrate”.

13. “When you are hurt, I’m heart-broken”.

14. “With this umbrella, we are no longer afraid when it rains”.

15. “I’m willing to pamper you like a princess”.

16. “When we are old, we still enjoy peace together”.

Love is not going to last forever, but then the responsibility, which means that the couple will stick together more.

Source: DKN.TV

Minh Chi

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