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Picking up the snail shells to bring home as souvenirs, the man is shocked when they are the “culprit” making 26 people leave their life within 2 minutes
January 19 2019, 8:45 AM
Going to the beach to relax, many people have a habit of picking up snail shells as a souvenir. However, be careful with dangerous things inside.

Recently, Aaron Pix, 42, from Western Australia took his family to Dunsborough Beach on Christmas Eve to have fun. Aaron shared when his daughter picked up the shells and asked if she could bring it back home, he agreed and put them in his pocket to bring back home for his daughter.

When he got home, he took out the snail shells and washed them, but suddenly discovered some mucus from the shells. Checking the pocket of his pants, he discovered a small octopus that came out from the shells. At that time, he suddenly felt scared and had a very bad feeling. He started taking photos of the octopus and checking the information. Then he discovered that this was one of the most toxic animals in the world.

According to research, this octopus is often seen in coral reefs and tidal lakes. It has blue circles on its body and they are usually displayed only when the animal feels threatened and is about to release toxins. It is difficult for the divers to find it when they are under the water. They often accidentally stepped on them and encountered a counter-attack, otherwise they could quickly lose their lives.

Soon after finding out the bad news about this octopus , Aaron immediately called an ambulance to go to the hospital for further check. Fortunately, after 3 hours of observation, he did not show any unusual signs. Even when the octopus was in his pants pocket for at least 15 minutes and its tentacles also clung to his thighs, however, he only found a little uncomfortable.

After the doctor finished checking , he was relieved to know that his heart was still beating on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, his children did not touch them. In fact, their toxins could be life-threatening in some minutes. Currently, at least 26 adults have lost their life because of the poison of this octopus in just 2 minutes. This toxin currently has no medicine to treat.

Source: EBC News

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