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Picking up the leech from a nose of 6-year-old baby girl, which attracted more than 2 million views
January 03 2019, 9:10 AM
The case of the baby draw lots of attention from netizens.

A short clip that recorded the scene of a doctor picking up a huge leech from a nose of a 6-year-old patient has attracted nearly 2 million views and tens of thousands of shares on social network.

A  leech was in the nose of a 6-year-old patient for a while without the family’s knowledge. When the baby got stuffy and sometimes bleeding for a long time, the family went to the doctor.

Initially diagnosed, the doctor determined that the object inside the nose should use the endoscopic method to pick up it. Here, the doctors picked up a long leech in the nose of the child.

Once the leech enters the human body, it will suck blood and live long-term parasites. It is very dangerous if we do not detect it in time.

The reason is that the baby girl often drinks water or bath in the streams.

This parasite often lives near a place that has many trees and humid areas or unhygienic drinking water.

The case of the baby is a warning for parents: Don’t leave the child alone and take care them passionately.

Watching video:

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