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Photos of 50th wedding anniversary of the old couple surprise netizens; do you want to have such photos with your spouse in your life?
January 06 2019, 9:12 AM
In Seremban in Malaysia, on December 29, Mr. Siong and Mrs. Kim celebrated their wedding ceremony by getting married again after five decades together.

50 years ago, having a big and grand wedding was probably difficult. Now, If that wish comes true, it will be certain that the couple’s wedding will become more beautiful and meaningful compared to the past.

Their 2nd wedding is attended by many relatives, friends, and grandchildren. The wedding ceremony is organized according to tradition and has combination with modern style.

Remembering this day of 50 years ago when the economic situation was still difficult, Mr. Siong had to borrow a car to pick up Mrs. Kim. But now he has his own car to pick up his bride. The most special thing is the bridesmaid and groomsmen who are the couple’s children and grandchildren. These people wore uniforms with light pink T-shirts and white shorts to create a very youthful and cheerful atmosphere.

Before bringing bride to the “palace”, this 70-year-old groom must also overcome a series of obstacles given by relatives of the bride.

First, they slammed the door when the groom’s family came and asked the groom Siong to blow the ball, and applied lipstick on the groomsmen and said “I love you” in many languages.

This is also an opportunity for Mr. Siong to return to his youth and recall his sweet love with Mrs. Kim.

When asked what his first impression on her was, Mr. Siong shared that it was her graceful long hair. But soon he added that he always loved both her personality and her strengths.

Besides, before the commemorative tea party, the Siong couple also took a wedding photo with the style of “cool”.

What do you think about this old couple? Do you want to have such photos with your spouse?

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