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Performer swings the wire through the crocodile tank, the wire unbelievably is broken and the results
January 01 2019, 10:05 AM
Michael Womer fell into dangerous situation when feeding his crocodiles.

Recently, special skill performer Michael Womer, a crocodile interactive expert in the Orlando International Drive theme park in Florida, USA, was caught in a crash, causing many spectators to stifle their hearts.

According to the information posted, Michael Womer has a knack for performing adventures with crocodiles. During his performances, Michael will perform special skills such as crocodile brushing, feeding crocodile by his mouth. He has a considerable understanding of his “friends”, but animals have a certain survival instinct.

When Womer was feeding the crocodile, he threw the crocodile food and grabbed the rope to prepare to swing to the other side of the stone. But the rope suddenly broke and he immediately fell into the crocodile tank. It’s lucky for him because crocodiles seemed to have no appetite at the time, and thanks to everyone’s help, he went ashore.

Then , Womer said that he always knew about his dangerous work, but he always considered crocodiles as his “children”. He does everything just to get noticed and raise money to take care of the crocodiles.

He was feeding the crocodiles.

And he fell into that tank. 

Xuan Tr


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