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The most perfect proposal, the girl bursts into tear because of its carefulness
July 27 2018, 2:54 PM
An amazing surprise proposal flash mob presented in Japan with improved performance than ever before!

You can see on the faces of a lot of people who saw the performance felt the excitement and surprise performance.

It’s like experiencing the surprise and touching feeling at the same time. His boyfriend practiced so hard and many times for this event, to tell her what he really feels about her and give her the best moment of her life, the Flashmob company the man hired wrote on its website.

“This is by far the best flash mob proposal I have seen. Excellent timing, excellent choreography. Everything was so well planned. The kids danced so well! This is better than the music video. I’ve replayed this video countless times.” A netizen commented

The performance took place at the JR Osaka Station Carillon Square

The girl still did not have any idea about what happening

Many people took part in this proposal performance

The audience felt excitement and applauded louder 

The man (in pink shirt) also performed for himself proposal

And this was the happiest moment that everyone was waiting for

People watching gave them many wishes and felt jealous of the girl

Let’s watch the video below:

Hai Linh


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