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People will believe the ‘change of appearance’ is real after watching this clip, it’s too magical!
September 12 2018, 4:38 PM
After the makeup, she changed completely.

When watching the video, everyone will understand why many people love to see beautiful makeup tips. At the beginning, the girl looked very ugly, but after a few steps , she became a beautiful princess. The virtual makeup talent of the girl is very good.

The girl has a rugged face, wide mouth and buckteeth.

What did she do to turn “a ugly duck” into “a swan”?

Before the make-up, the girl takes steps to care her skin such as applying skin cream and moisturizing oil essence.

When the foundation was applied on her face, she continued to makeup her eyes.

After applying the foundation, she continued to draw eyebrows and use eye makeup. In order to handle the high cheeks, she used a patch pad to fix it.

At this time, her face has changed significantly. She looks different from the beginning. The entire face immediately became sharp.

Next is the process of changing the lips full magically. First, use foundation to hide shortcomings of the lips. Then apply lipstick, the shortcomings on her face has been completely repaired…

Her new look  makes many people not believe in their eyes …

The video has received lots of good comments. A netizen said “Don’t have ugly women, only have women who don’t know how to makeup.”

Watching video:


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