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People share photos of a 19-year-old girl having surgery 50 times to become Angelina Jolie and finally she raises her voice
January 05 2019, 10:22 AM
Previously, the story of Sahar Tabar haivng surgery 50 times to have appearance like her idol, Angelina Jole becomes popular on the social network. Why, because she made her face like zombie.

Previously, the story of Sahar Tabar girl had plastic surgery 50 times to have an idol-like appearance Angelina Jolie had almost covered newspapers and social networks. Why, because she made her face look like a living body.

Within a few days Sahar Tabar’s photos were spread quickly. Also there are a lot of accounts that are suspected to be her fake accounts on Instagram. Many network user scoff at her surgery and even they call her a broken surgery, which looks very scary.

Many people believe in this story and even they sympathize with her after seeing her photos when she have never made a surgery.  However, many netizens also feel that these pictures are something unusual, they suspect that Tabar just wants to pay people’s attention and become famous on the social network.

Internet users suppose that the girl used Photoshop and makeup techniques (this is obvious) to get shocking and emaciated appearance and not trying to lose weight or make a surgery.

Tabar said that with just a few photos and an additional story, “someone wrote about her life blatantly”.

Sahar did not state whether she had aesthetic or shaped a horror face with makeup, but she insisted that she did not like the media’s attention to her appearance so much.

Therefore, although she pays attention on the global and attracts ten of thousands of followers on Instagram, this girl quickly left her personal page into private mode and restricts follow-up requests.


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