People love adding gold to anything, even foods - So now you can EAT gold, literally
June 30 2018, 11:03 AM
We have a new trend - eating gold, even it's taseless !

Watching video: 

Our smart chefs has discoveried a new 'expensive' recipe to satisfy any richness lovers - that 24 karats gold are added to food we eat.

No nutritional value and no smell, it's simply gold !

However there is a range of karat which is from 22-24 karats can be eaten withour health influence.

Anything with less karats could have more impurities

Because your body can not absorb gold, so, some people joke: "Well, what comes in will come out. It means - If you sell your own ‘gold’ poop, would you be considered self-employed?"

What about cost ? To be said, it's not as expensive as you thought. However, 'gold' dishes at lururious restaurant still get pricey. For example, you can order a gold ice cream sundae for 25 000$.

People nowadays choose this way to show off their well-being and maybe, just want to catch up on with the hot trend.

Other pictures from this ultra expensive trend:

Ngoc Anh

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