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People who like to use the brand will immediately recognize this is a fake product of which brand
January 27 2019, 9:35 AM
It is easy to find out what is wrong with these products.
  1. In your opinion, which sandals are these knockoffs from?

Those who are passionate about sportswear will definitely realize that this is a fake product by Nikie.

2. Surely 100% of you can answer this question correctly. This is a fake brand of:

The founder of Starbucks brand will probably laugh faintly when discovering this funny fake logo.

3. This “made in China” phone is actually a replica design of the company:

Look at the name BlockBerry is enough to understand. This is a product that mimics the popular Blackberry phone.

4. Someone spelling helps me with the brand name … This is exactly a fake product of:

This sentence is also very easy. This is a “terrible” imitation product of Adidas.

5. And this strange and familiar product is the fake product of which company?

Color and style completely designed is a “failed copy” of Dove shower gel company.

6. Do you know which brand of counterfeit goods? 

Japanese brand Panasonic will surely “cry” when seeing this fake product that is “very mindful”.

7. This is a very relevant fake version of the company:

This Apple fake phone is made in China. Perhaps the people here like eating pears rather than eating apples.

Xuan Tr


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