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Few people know about Queen of Spain: From a divorced female journalist to the ‘fight’ against her mother-in-law
January 08 2019, 9:12 AM
Queen Letizia of Spain once made the media dazed by her conflict against her mother-in-law

Queen Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano of Spain was born on September 15, 1972, in a middle-class family: her father was a journalist and her mother was a nurse. She graduated from Madrid University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Before becoming a Queen, Letizia had a master’s degree in Journalism who is a reporter and a broadcaster for a news program loved by people.

She once hosted the most-watched news show in Spain every night.

Letizia had married Alfonso Gurrero, a linguistics professor in 1997. However, this marriage quickly failed because Alfonso did not accept his wife’s career.

Nevertheless, their wedding had not been held in a church so their marriage was not recognized in terms of religion.

Letizia once was a famous and beautiful journalist

In 2002, Crown Prince Felipe first met the journalist, the beautiful broadcaster Letizia in a night party held by his collegue.

In the end of that year, both of them encountered after the event of the ship delivering Prestige was shunk, causing polution to a large sea in the Spanish province of Galicie. At that time, the Crown Prince came to check the pollution and troubleshooting situation and Letizia was present to report on the event. This fateful reunion caused two people with different backgrounds to have feelings for each other.

The marriage overcame public opinion

In 2003, the couple claimed they had promised to marry. ‘shocking’ Spanish citizens. King Carlos (Felipe’s father) was initially against them because Letizia had married before.

Still, the couple got married in May, 2014 in a luxurious wedding in church Almundena in Madrid, regardless of  obstacles from the royal family and public opinion.

In 2005, the royal couple welcomed their first daughter, Princess Leonor. She was the first one on the Spanish royal family’s inheritance list.

In 2007, the second Princess was born and named after her paternal grandmother, Queen Sofia.

In June, 2004, King Juan Carlos I decided to abdicate the throne and Crown Primnce Felipe officially came to the throne, becoming King Felip VI of Spain.

Duchess Letizia became Queen of Spain. She is the first Queen of Spain once divorced in the country’s history.

Since becoming Queen, Letizia was loved by citizens thanks to her fashion and life style. Queen Letizia has an elegant and graceful fashion style, matching her slim shape.

Despite being royal members, Queen Letizia and King Felipe also have a normal life as other people. The Queen wears casual outlet when goes out for a walk, picks up her children from school.

The conflict with her mother-in-law

However, Letizia is said not to enjoy the trust of her mother-in-law, Queen mother Sofia due to she once divorced and gave birth to two girls.

In May, 2014, the media and Spanish public opinion were dazed by the conflict between Letizia and her mother-in-law that occurred in church Palma.

Accordingly, Queen mother Sofia  pulled her two children closer to her to take a picture together. However, Queen Letizia went back and forth and stood in front of them.

Queen mother Sofia responded by moving forward, stepping backwards and moving sideways to avoid the daughter-in-law, while her arms still colled her two granddaughter’s shoulders.

Then Queen Letizia moved towards Princess Leonor and stroke her hair. Queen mother Sofia immediately held her daughter-in-law’s hand.

This made Princess Leonor feel uncomfortable so she immediately pushed her mother and grandmother’s hand away.

After that, both of Queen had a ”squabble”.

Before the awkward situation, King Felipe took the move to grab his wife’s arm as if to ‘cool down’ the situation. After that, the whole Royal family took a picture of the outside of the church.

After that controversial moment, the Spanish royal family completely kept quiet but since then people have believed that the royal family is like many other families who also face troubles between mother- and daughter-in-law.

Even so, Letizia is still a queen loved by the people and is one of the most influential royal families in the world.

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