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People in Bangkok cough up blood due to city’s thick smog
February 03 2019, 7:17 AM
The air has become so bad in parts of the city that residents are coughing and sneezing up blood because of it.

As Australia hit record high temperatures just a couple of weeks ago, and parts of America are currently hitting records lows, a thick smog has descended on Bangkok.The air has become so bad in parts of the city that residents are coughing and sneezing up blood because of it. Animals in the city are also reportedly suffering from the poor air quality.

The Thai capital has been blanketed in toxic smog for the past two weeks, with experts suggesting the long term cost of such bad pollution will run into tens of millions of dollars.

The pollution is caused by a number of issues, including vehicles, construction work, burning crops and street food stalls.

One resident, Nutthawut Sirichainarumit, shared an image of the blood that came out when he sneezed.

She said: “Two days ago, my nose was hurt when breathing. I sneezed all night and it was the even worse when my sneeze had blood the next morning.

I was totally shocked because I never sneezed blood before in my entire life. I believe the dust is to blame.”

Another local, Seine Premmanuspaisal, said: “The polluted air also brings germs and viruses that gradually affect our bodies. Even though you think you’re healthy, this horrible environment is going to disturb you in some way.”

Seinne was diagnosed with a lung infection after vomiting and coughing up blood for three days. He had never previously experienced any respiratory problems.

The Thai government has taken some steps to try and fight pollution, including flying drones overhead to spray water. They have also closed 439 schools.

The air has become so bad, on Tuesday, January 29, an asthma sufferer was sent to intensive care with acute bronchitis and hypoxaemia after his eyes started bleeding.

Pets are suffering from the air too, as recent X-rays of animals taken to veterinary clinics have shown lungs, trachea and alveoli covered in dust.

Linh Diep

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