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Passers-by can’t stop watching circus performance on the walking street
September 12 2018, 3:53 PM
Passers-by can't stop watching the circus performance on the walking street in Hanoi, Vietnam because it is so excellent and attractive.

Recently, Hanoi has officially opened the Old Quarter Walking Street, which is seen as the most enormous walking area in the capital city of Vietnam. The aim of this walking street is to promote the Vietnamese culture. It is an ideal place for both the local and tourists to chill out and enjoy their relaxing time after a stressful workweek. The walking streets consist of the route surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake – the heart of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Hanoi Walking Street

Therefore, not only walking exercise, there are a lot of entertaining activities held here and circus performances are among these activities.  This video recording a group of people who was performing circus on the walking streets. The performance attracted the passers-by around.  Although circus performers only used simple things such as candles, glasses, rope, wheel, table, etc to perform,  the performance was so exciting and excellent that people couldn’t stop watching. Watch some images cut from the clip:

Performing with the candles.

People were focusing on the man who was skipping rope on the wheel.

The torch was not a problem.

Performing with the table.

Not long ago, there was also an interesting circus performance recorded by a netizen on the walking treet. In the video clip, 2 men used the wheel and have funny performances that made people around really excited.

Image in the clip

Have you ever come to the walking streets in the world? If you are tired and stressed, please visit these places. Make sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Watch video: 

Vu Tam



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