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Passengers got terrified when watching the metro line exploded
September 15 2018, 10:15 AM
While waiting for the subway in Liverpool, the passengers were frightened by the rays as the rails exploded in front of them.

The 9/9 incident was reported at the Moorfields station. From the rails, the smoke started to flare up and then the fire breaked out with the big bang. After the 30-minute incident, the Liverpool-based railway company Merseyrail posted on social networking to confirm the interruption and bus service to support passenger to transport.

The place where the incident happened

In addition, Merseyrail also confirmed the problem stemming from power supply errors. The subway train suddenly exploded at the Liverpool station, causing panic at the time to panic and fled.

The smoke started to rise

“It seems that the cause of the burst was a faulty battery,” the British traffic police said. “We are still investigating, but there are no signs of terrorist explosion. A few wounded have been treated at the scene.”

The passengers got terrified after the accident

Earlier, on June 19, at the Southgate station (London) also occurred explosion that made people flee away. The train was closed, police asked residents to stay away from the area and check for suspicious packages.

And started to explode

People around the area said they were escorted away, some were advised to stay in restaurants and shops near the scene.

Watch video:

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