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The participant made all people in America's Got Talent creepy when joking his life with ... crocodile
August 06 2018, 10:25 AM
A performance made America's Got Talent's judge breathless.

Lord Nil is a quite special contestant in “America’s Got Talent 2018” because he is keen on creating self-rescue bullets from dangerous animals. In the round of admission, the judge and all audiences were excited about watching the way how he escaped from extremely poisonous scorpions's attack. In the next round, the level is more difficult than previous one.

The animal which is choosen as "companion" is a aggressive crocodile. The level is more difficult when he was hanged up in the state of locked hand. In the regulated time, if he did not want to be eaten by crocodile, he must rescuse himself.

The performance is so stressful that the judge was breathless when watching Lord Nil's action. In other hand, Mel B pressed a red button to oppose it because he was not brave enough to continue to watch. Finally, Lord Nil's performance was successful with people's  enthusiastic applause.

Watching video:


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