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Parents escort their son driving toy car on national highway, fined by police
November 04 2018, 8:20 AM
Parents make their five-year-old son drive a toy car on a national highway 'to teach him to be brave'

Surveillance footage from Jinhua City in east China’s Zhejiang Province on October 17 shows a boy driving a go-kart to the national highway while his parents escorted him on a scooter. Police stopped the family and fined the parents.

A five-year-old boy drove a toy car on the road, while his parents rode a scooter beside him. Then they accompanied their son driving this go-kart to the national highway. The police saw the family and ordered them to stop immediately.

Then the police confiscated the toy car and educated them. Moreover, the police also said that they has penalised the couple, but did not reveal what the penalty was.

It has been said that when the officers spotted the family, the boy had driven about two kilometres on the expressway that is extremely dangerous.

It has been thought that the parents had lent their son’s toy car to someone days before and had just got it back that night. The couple decided to let their son drive it on the highway to build the child’s courage.

People who watched this video said that the police in China is so nice they let them off the hook very easy. In America, the police will give you a ticket they will tell you ,see you in court and you must pay fine.

Watching video:

Video source: CGTN


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