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Parents should be careful: Children play a dangerous game, they tie themselves to the giant kite 
July 26 2018, 11:27 AM
Don't neglect, parents should prevent their children from playing the game.

Flying the kite is one of the most favorite games of both children and adults. When playing the game, the players can enjoy the fresh atmosphere in a wide-open space. However, chidren create a new way to play the kite. They tie themselves to the giant kite and jumped from the heights to the ground. It’s mentioned the way is whether interesting or not, but it’s really dangerous when the children don’t wear any protective gear.

Let’s see the following images to know the way the children play the game!

The child creates a giant kite

And he chooses a high place

 After tying himself to the kite, he begins jumping from the height to the ground

He has a fail jumping

It’s lucky that he isn’t injured

It’s really dangerous when playing the game

Watching video:


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