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Panic with rumors about women’s “sensitive areas”: “little girl” has teeth or even wanders around body
January 25 2019, 5:12 PM
There are myths about "sensitive areas" of women that you really can't believe it once existed and terrified many people.

During the development of human history, there have been many strange myths about the “sensitive area” of women. These things seem completely ridiculous and freaky with the minds of people in the 21st century, but that is perfectly normal for people in ancient times.

“Girl” has … teeth

The myth of having teeth in the vagina is a characteristic of folklore of some countries such as Russia, India, Samoa, New Zealand, Native Americans and Japan. The idea of having a toothed vagina may stem from the fact that a woman wants to protect herself from men’s sexual assault, so it is rumored. There is even a story that the man who wants to have sex must successfully extract the teeth in that “little girl” if he does not want to be cut off his “little boy”.

With modern medicine like today, we can affirm that “little girl” has no teeth. However, there are some women who may have vaginal spasms, a vaginal phenomenon that prevents any intrusion from entering, which makes women feel pain.

The uterus can “wander” throughout the body

In ancient Greece, people believed that when a woman was sick, tired because her womb had wandered in her body and “disturbed” in some part. The doctors and philosophers of that era were called “wandering womb”.

Ancient Greek doctors believed that if the uterus moved upwards, it would cause women to experience dizziness, fatigue, slowness and temporal aches and pains, even it could cause choking and sudden death.

They also believe that it is possible to treat this syndrome by blowing an unpleasant scent on the woman’s face that will make the uterus frighten and return to its proper position or use a machine to suck it back to the right place to lie.

Fortunately, in the 16th century, most doctors agreed that the uterus did not wander. However, many of them continue to attribute all the negative emotions women experience.

Women must “orgasm” to conceive

In the past, people did not understand the way of reproductive activities. They only understand that it is necessary for men to ejaculate to conceive but to assume that women must “orgasm” to be completed.

However, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the medical world changed its mind and accepted that female orgasms were absolutely unnecessary to create children.

Horizontal vagina

There was once a legend about Asian women – typically Korea, China, and Japan that they have horizontal vagina

In the record of 1816, French naturalist George Cuvier argued that the female genitalia differed from region to place in the world, especially the Chinese female’s vagina was horizontal.

By the 1880s, JW Buel, the author who spent many years studying Chinese women concluded that it had resolved this rumor and affirmed that Chinese women also have normal anatomical characteristics like everyone else in the world.

However, during World War II and the Korean War, the legend of “horizontal vagina” was once again raised by US soldiers “cutting the wind” when returning home.

Asian women are not the only case to endure this misconception. During the post-Jewish period in Europe, it was believed that Jewish women had transvaginal vaginality and the gestation period lasted only 6 months.

Women’s “girl” is a deformed “boy”

For thousands of years, people often believe that the reproductive system of women and men is basically the same, it is simply a reverse version of men. In the book Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud written by Thomas Laqueur, in the old days, the vagina was imagined as a penis lying backwards inside, the uterus is the scrotum and the ovary is essential. complete.

Aristotle, the greatest philosopher also believes that women are malformed men, with the genitals inside their bodies because they cannot produce heat to keep warm.

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