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Panic discovery of the ‘world’s biggest ‘centipede is as aggressive as a cobra!
October 07 2018, 10:10 AM
A taxidermist who caught what he believes is the world’s biggest centipede said the 14.5 inch creature ‘stood up like a cobra’ when he caught it.

Brave Clayton Cambra came across the enormous insect in a wooded area close to his home in Honokaa, Hawaii last month.

Standin’ right up. It’s creepy. ‘He crawled out of that bucket four or five times before I got him here.’

The taxidermist and tanner was keen to preserve the specimen, so killed it in a freezer, before thawing it out and injecting it with formaldehyde to preserve it. Hardy Cambra admitted that even he is scared by the centipede. He believes it is record-breakingly large, and is at least three inches longer than the 11 inch specimen that currently holds that title.

The animal buff, who has rejected a $1,000 offer for the creature said: ‘It’s a monster. Even when it was dead, I was nervous touching it. ‘I don’t want to sell it. If I get rid of it, I ain’t got it. I want to keep it.

‘People collect all kinds of things. I know people on the computer (who) collect these alive and keep ’em as pets. I don’t want that damn thing alive.’

Dan Rubinoff from the University of Hawaii Insect Museum agreeing that it could well be a record-breaker.

He said: ‘It’s definitely got to be the largest individual I’ve ever seen of it. I get them in in my yard all the time, 6 to maybe 7 inches. Definitely, I’ve never seen one that big.’

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