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Owning property of millions of dollars, 4 handsome brothers make the girls fascinated
December 06 2018, 3:18 PM
Four Dobre brothers are very well-known, although they are not over 25 years old, they have a very large property.

Young Americans no one does not know about the four brothers of the Dobre. They are hot boys with outstanding apperance and outstanding talent. In addition, the lives of 4 rich boys is also the hot topic to discuss of young people in this country.

These four boys are not only famous in the United States, but their influence also spread to the world’s youth. It is known that the mother of 4 hot boy is Aurelia Dobre – world gymnastics champion and father is fitness coach Boz Mofid.

The eldest son of Cyrus (born in 1993) is a captain of the Iowa State University Sportsman. Currently, Cyrus holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in strategic communications. Then, Darius (born in 1995) is the second son in the Dobre family who is currently attending Towson University in Baltimore.

And last but not least, the Lucas – Macus twin brothers (born in 1999), are particularly attracted to the public by impressive dances.

This is also the two most famous boys and have the largest number of fans in the family. On their Instagram, there were 3.3 million followers, and their own vlog also attracted 12 million fans. Therefore, the amount of money from advertising that the couple get is not small.

They not only get the attention from the brands, the 4 brothers often appear in the series as models. Besides, they are invited to attend various shows. In particular, from March 2018, the four brothers joined and signed with the Creative Artist Agency (CAA) with the stage name of Dobre Brothers. Their main job is to make fun videos of their lives, dance and sing.

The twins makes all the Young Americans admired. 

They are so handsome and talented.

Xuan Tr

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