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Overwhelming: a giant Pho bowl containing 1.35kg of meat with 4 liters broth is cooked by Vietnamese chefs, which makes Americans become “crazy”
August 11 2018, 9:36 AM
The Pho bowl containing 1.35kg of meat with 4 liters broth has been more popular because of the special recipe.

Pho, the national food, has been become a trend that attracted lots of American people. The dish still remains the original flavour, but the special thing is its size. Not only do Americans curious about the size, Pho here also has unique recipes that attract lots of diners in the world.

The secrets of  success is recipe. In Dong Thap Noodles, the most obvious difference is that all noodles are hand-made and the chefs will make the noodles in the restaurant. Thanks to the process, you will have the opportunity to watch the process of making Pho. Especially, the Americans also give praise to Vietnamese chefs for their talent.

Each of the giant pho bowls will have 4 liters of broth, 1.35kg of meat and noodles. The bowl also  includes meatballs, beef tendrils or coriander, herbs, …  4 people can’t eat only bowl of pho. In addition, Pho in Dong Thap Noodles also have two types for guests to choose from northern pho and southern pho. Only a few small different points, but both types are extremely delicious.

Address Dong Thap Noodles: 303 12th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, USA.

Open: 10am – 9pm weekdays except Tuesdays.

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