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Order Mcdonald’s by rapping , the guy makes cashier get dizzy!
October 12 2018, 4:19 PM
The clip below records the moment of the guy in the store ordering a series of McDonald's with a rap that the cashier can not take note!

We bet you’ve got your McDonald’s order memorised. But could you remember what you wanted to eat if you were rapping over a beat?

The clip below records the moment of the guy in the store ordering  a series of McDonald’s with a rap that the cashier can not take note!

He must have prepared this rap before!

This is fastest oder way 

Everybody pays attention at me!

He asked: Did you get all that?

The cashier didn’t get one thing! 

Here are what he odered:

“Can I get two Big Macs 2 apple pies No no actually Let me get 2 big macs and 2 apple pies a little bit of Sprite and a side of fries Let me get a McDouble let me get a McChicken Hot sauce, make sure that is kickin I wanna a McRib, before I McMiss, let me get a hashbrown if it isnt lunch yet If it is imma be mcsad and upset let me get some nuggets too I wanna a bar cake and parfait two of them ive really had a hard day let me get a mccafe latte and a couple hundered large shamrock shakes Powerade, Hi-C, Ranch Snack Wrap on the side please Let me get a burger with a slice of cheese but no onions or pickles so hold that please I wanna Mcflurry, two of those, I want m&m, want oreos I want everything on the dollar menu and a burger with jalepenos let me get a snack rap from my backpack better not tass that have no sauce no aflack takin everything to go so pack that in a black bag Hi-Rez eatin all the flapjacks ”

This video got attention from netizens. Here are some comments:

“When its ur birthday and mom say do u want anything from mc Donalds?” “This is me when I feel like eating McDonalds but I’m gonna be late for school.”

Watch video:

Source: Coby Persin

Phuong Thao



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