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In order to be friendly with nature, the backpacker couple “does it” on the banks of the streams
December 05 2018, 10:59 AM
The image of "true backpackers" is increasingly being tarnished by such offensive actions.

Formerly known as “backpacker ” was the pride for the people moving, love to travel, visit and above all to want to experience, explore the new land. But now the offensive ugly action of a majority of people who claim to be “good players” has made the ” true backpacker ” must  be cautious.

  A group of backpacker  sleep on the narrow pass

They throw trash in the forest!

It does not take up to 1 second to think of countless ugly actions. People who claim to be “backpackers”  do not follow the traffic laws, which endangers even the traffic. Accidental, littered each other where the team of “” backpacker “goes too far into the landfill … Even more offensive actions such as shooting naked on the cliff, or recently a picture Men and women ” doing it” right on the banks of the stream where they have been chattering, causing the netizens to get upset.

Another puzzling action

The image of a couple of men and women   taking the action as the “doing it ” on the banks of the stream have been widely shared and received countless criticism of the Internet. “, “Do not understand what this couple thought that can act like this?”.- many netizens questioned the thoughts of the people today. There are also people who think posting pictures is for the sake of love but not for sex. However, whether the two “cast” in the photo is true love or not, this is also an act of disrespect makes people increasingly distrustful of the backpackers.

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