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Opening the coffin to see wife the last time, the young husband screams while looking inside: Oh my god! where is my wife?
January 14 2019, 10:10 AM
A rare incident occurred during the funeral due to the negligence of staff who were responsible for organizing funeral.

A Chinese man was extremely angry and intended to sue the organizers home because of the confusion between the body of his wife and another woman’s.

Accordingly, the wife breathed her last because of suffering from cancer. The couple had 8 years of living together and overcoming the difficulties caused by the serious illness of the wife. Therefore, before sending his wife to the funeral pyre, the man asked people to see his wife’s face for the last time. The staff of the funeral organizers agreed and opened the lid of the coffin.

When he opened the white cloth covering his wife’s face, the man suddenly fell silent, stopped crying and was extremely shocked. Then the guy screamed loudly. It turned out that the person in the coffin was not his beloved wife at the time. In fact, before that, the funeral staff had mistaken her body to another woman’s.

The man was extremely angry. If he had not fond out this in time, he would have probably taken the ashes of some strange woman. The man took his phone and was about to call the police immediately. He thought that there might have been many similar cases every year due to the irresponsibility of the employees here.

However, the funeral management board promptly stopped the man and promised to pay some money for him if he did not report it to the police. At first the man was quite hesitant because he was extremely angry.  However, he finally accepted the funeral manager’s proposal.

Source: ezvivi2

Vu Tam


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