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One thousand and one secrets to transforming themselves into the “virgin girl” of women in ancient times and the “expensive” truth
January 28 2019, 4:50 PM
To be able to turn themselves back into "virgin girl", these women have accepted to use dangerous methods. So is that true?

In the past, women have always considered in preserving the “fragile membrane” in their bodies because that is what helps to assess human dignity and has a decisive role in the fate of women. However there are people who for some reason have torn the hymen to force them to find ways to recover.

Like virginity tests, techniques for restoring “chastity” have also been used since ancient times. However, according to modern experts, these ancient methods are very dangerous, causing significant harm to women’s health.

Prepare water to wash “that part” from leaves that contain toxins

Medieval medicine books and many historical documents have recorded a remedy to help women restore “chastity”. It is to boil nettle leaves with water, then the woman who uses this mixture to wash “sensitive area” every morning and evening for 9 days will be able to become “virgin girl” as before.

In ancient Greece, nettle leaves were mainly used as diuretics and laxatives. Nettle is used for treatment of many diseases, but until now, there is not enough scientific evidence to determine if nettle is effective for everyone. Moreover, the leaves of nettles that contain thorns containing toxins can kill people quickly, so it is not easy to use.

Use alum or “chastity stone” to shrink “sensitive area”

In the literary works of some ancient Roman authors such as Ovid, Samual Pepys, John Wilmot and John Baptista Porta mentioned the use of alum as a miracle substance to restore virginity. This alum water is a chemical compound, namely hydrated potassium sulfate mixed with pickled meat and fabric dyes.

They believe that this kind of alum is an astringent, which can constrict and stretch the skin. So if you use it for “sensitive area” will help shrink the tissue, create a virtual feeling like a girl still “pure” without regenerating the hymen.

This method has now been used by only a few regions in the world. In northern Cameroon and some parts of Nigeria, people crushed alum rock (also known as “chastity stone”) into powder and mixed with water, sometimes adding lemon juice or honey. They use them to clean “sensitive area” and believe that this will kill bacteria and cause vaginal contractions so it can feel like a “virgin girl”.

However, Joseph, a gynecologist who worked in northern Cameroon in 2010, said he treated many women with health problems. There is a cause related to the use of alum stones.

“The so-called chastity stone is practically ineffective and it affects the health of women. Women should not put anything in the “sensitive area” because it itself has a self-cleaning mechanism. Alum stone will destroy the balance in the vagina, thus susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, stone powder still has a certain degree of solids, which can cause vaginitis. If a woman uses alum stones regularly, the vagina becomes cramped, when she gives birth, she will be seriously injured.” said Dr. Joseph.

Sauna to recreate “sensitive area”

Sauna is a therapeutic therapy that was applied in the Middle Ages, so it is not surprising that it is also propagated to help restore the “sensitive area”. The woman will be inserted a tube into the “little girl”, one end of the tube is connected to the funnel. The physician will boil some herbs until it forms steam and steam will be transmitted into the funnel, passing through the tube to the “sensitive area” of the women. Ancient people believe that herbal steam can “repair” the hymen.

However, a new study by Yale University in the United States said that using a sauna method to tighten “sensitive area” are actually more harmful than beneficial. Professor Mary Jane Minkin said there are three main reasons for women not to use the “sensitive area” sauna, whether it is dry or wet.

Firstly, this method can cause burns in the “sensitive area” while this is a relatively sensitive area. Secondly, it can disappear beneficial bacteria in the body. The steam dries up the natural habitat of these bacteria, thereby making us more susceptible inflammation.

Professor Minkin said that there should be no “delusion” about the miraculous effect of sauna. “Let the “sensitive area” be in its natural environment. All you have to do is keep it from injury, unsanitary and wash it in the most common way.”

Insert strange objects into the “little girl” to regain virginity

Another medieval medical book suggested that women put nutmeg in their vagina to return to girls or even bullets and rings. These devices act like an alternative hymen, creating resistance in the process of sexual penetration and therefore, can deceive the others that the woman is still “pure”.

However, experts warn that inserting anything into the “sensitive area” is not safe, it can cause scratches, bleeding or even infection. Nutmeg can even cause burning inside “little girl”.

Is there any way for a woman to return to being a “virgin girl”?

The hymen is a thin membrane located 2-3cm away from the vaginal opening with one or more holes for menstruation to escape. The characteristic of the hymen is that there are a lot of tiny blood vessels that are intertwined, so usually a little bit of blood is attached when torn.

Not everyone’s hymen is the same. Some people are born without hymen; others have too thin hymen (which has been torn off automatically) or too thick (giving birth several times but still not tearing) or sealing (surgery). Hymen has 3 common forms: annular, septum, sieve.

Because the hymen is the meat membrane, when it is torn, it can be repaired. However, if the hymen is torn long or severely, the patch will not fully restore the original shape, as well as the nerve sensitivity of a renovated hymen is not as good as the primitive hymen. Moreover, the level of sensitivity or reflexes of women who have “love” for the first time still have many differences compared to those who had previous relationships.

Today there is also a lot of advertising information for drugs, methods to recreate “fragile membrane” but you need to be vigilant, any method should have reasonable advice from expert.

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