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The old woman waiting for the old man whole of her life, when she passed away, the luxury car to farewell, reason is finally clear
December 07 2018, 5:00 PM
People say, life is like a blink of an eye, decades like a dream. Born and raised, everyone wishes for a happy life. But, some people choose their own destiny here.

People say, life is like a blink of an eye, decades like a dream. Born and raised, everyone wishes for a happy life. But, some people choose their own destiny here.

Mrs. Lan was seriously ill, was bedridden more than half a month. She has a foster child named Phu, he is very filial and caring grandmother thoughtful. Seeing that her breath was weak, her eyes were not aiming at something. Phu approached and asked her if there was anything she could say. Her hand shuddered at the broken wooden cabinet by the bed, Phu opened the drawer and took out a rusted iron box, in the box there is a yellow old photo. It is a picture of a young and handsome man

Phu placed the picture in her hands, saw it, her beauty became a little more sober. She slowly pulled out a pillow and handed it to Phu. Older paper with torn corners, with a series of phone numbers. He understand that she want to power this number.

She is more than 80 years old, the past few years not married, in the mind is waiting for the man in this photo. When he was a child, he heard people in the village say that she and the man in this picture is a pair of barbed wire. He left the village to work far away when he was only twelve. At the time, he promised to return to her when his career was successful.

Unfortunately, she waited for decades, waiting from youth when her hair was black, so far has been white silver. And the person who is still walking, never again.

Someone said that after he arrived, he met the daughter of a wealthy family. They get married, have children and do not return. Someone said, he came to another city, failed to do business, shame did not want to return.

No matter how other people say, she waits and believes that he will come back and take her away. The promise fade gradually over the years, the people are still silent. But she often receives an amount of money without knowing the sender’s information. Someone guessed that he was talented, but in a shameful heart, could only send money to compensate for her. The phone number on the paper, some years ago someone wrote to her, but she never picked up the phone. Maybe because she does not want to hear a sad ending. But in the heart is always torment, do not resign and regret a lot, blame yourself not try electricity once!

Phu understand and make a phone call. Pick up the phone is a middle-aged man. After he heard the love story, he silent for a minute, speechless, perhaps too emotional. A moment later, he asked the address and said that he would depart immediately, looking forward to as soon as possible.

When the pickup was not him, it was not the image of the person she cherished in the heart. She was very upset and disappointed. Her eyes widened, and she closed her eyes.

That night, she left. Her eyes widened, closing slightly. The man calculated the time and decided to have fun three days. She is her godmother, while living, she always loves and respects him. So, he also wanted to fulfill her last wish, which was to replace her waiting for “answers” during the past few decades.

On the third day of the funeral, there were some middle-aged people from the city attending a luxury car. One of them took a box and placed it right next to her coffin. He knelt and bowed to the three. Mr. Phu and the villagers are amazed at this action. Then, he quietly told people one thing, solve all questions long time.

It turned out that after leaving the countryside, the old man spent a poor life and wandered everywhere. He did not have a face to see her. This middle-aged man was an orphan who happened to meet in the street. Because of the same situation, they understand each other, rely on each other to live more than ten years. Later, the old man was seriously ill. Before he died, he had a wish, he did not want her to know the truth of this grief when she was still alive. Let her heart always hope and keep their memories beautiful. Waiting for her to die, bury them together.

Everyone in the funeral heard this sad story, all tears. Compassion for two fates. In the end, this middle-aged man paid for his grandparent’s funeral, and fulfilled his wish.

Touching love story, couples are anxious waiting for each other. The waiting woman’s patience is fierce, loyal. Not many girl can do.

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