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The old woman was thrown into the street like garbage that looked heart-breaking, but the neighbors laughed happily and said “Never mind”, it turned out for this reason…
February 01 2019, 8:41 AM
Looking at these images, many people felt sorry for her abandoned by her children, but with her neighbors, they think differently ...

Coming to Kumamoto, Japan, everyone knows the funny old lady Nishimoto, 88 years old.

From a young age, she was a professional photographer, her photo was unlike anyone else, she always had a distinctive style of her imprint. At that time, Nishimoto had a passion for art, but eating was not enough so she could not spend her money and time to nurture her passion. She got married when being 27-year-old and passion was also neatly put into 1 corner.

When she was 72 years old, her heart vibrated again when she touched the camera, “the camera gave me joy and happiness that anything could not be replaceable”, she expressed passion and creativity with extremely interesting photos.

At the age of 72, for many people it is too late to start, but for her it is not, this is the first step in her journey to conquer passion. For the first time, she introduced to everyone the extremely strange pictures, she was always the main model in each frame.

The image of the old woman being thrown into a plastic bag and fallen on the road made many people feel sorry. Indeed, these photos were so authentic that no one believed them to be meticulously staged.

Meeting her with a happy face, gentle smile, everyone is sympathetic at first sight. “Unlike other professional photographers, I want my every photo to be unique and interesting, not only does it give sympathy to the viewers but it also brings a lot of laughter, everyone is happy, this is my success?”

At the age of 82, learning and being exposed to technology also made her face many difficulties, “now I am not fast, eyes are also blurry, hands and feet are trembling, but because of  passion, I don’t feel more tired”.

With the help of many people around, she also learned how to edit photos on a computer, even she could set up her own website that made people admire.

“She is very funny, she transforms herself into lovely child characters, or some animal, she is more creative than the youth now,” said a neighbor excitedly. With this old age, when you find your own joy, life becomes much more meaningful.

Everyone around was no stranger to the image of Mrs. Nishimoto on the street.  “Many young people now do not know what they want, like to do so I feel lucky to understand the goals of my life”, many people laughed, said the old woman was still mischievous like a child, but with her children and her neighbors, they were always proud of Mrs. Nishimoto. Not everyone was as happy, healthy and creative as she is.

Hope that she always had a lot of health to live with her passion like when she was young.

Minh Chi

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