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The old woman with pockmarked face worn tight dress and danced with young man at bar; however, she got an incident while spreading her legs
August 20 2018, 3:30 PM
Her actions make many netizens surprised.

Not only dancing in private area, the old woman having a pockmarked face also danced at the bar with young men, which made many people feel embarrassed…

Her name is so common in the Thailand community as well as Vietnam community, Sitang always has a special way to attract other attentions. She can dance on the live stream, wear sexy clothes, or took photos with young men.

Recently, this transsexual woman caused many people to surprise when she danced with young boys at the bar in a video. According to the video, Ms. Sitang wearing a tight dress tried to “show” her long legs and dance with the “hard”movement.

Her sexy clothes made people feel offensive because her sensitive part was exposed in front of many people, both at the bar and on the social network.


The video recording the scene immediately received special attention from the online community.Although each person has own lifestyle, character, but her actions and expressions are really ridiculous, which caused many people have to shake head in front of her image…

Watching video:


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