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The old woman was hit by a car when cross street, but the viewer found more controversial action
August 12 2018, 9:33 AM
He tried to get her to regain consciousness, but it did not work.

Not only the traffic collision between the car and the grandmother cross the road, the reaction of the people around is also the point that the internet debate quite harshly. Part of the incident was recorded by nearby security cameras. According to what is recorded in the clip, around 17:00 pm on 10/8, when the street has less transportation, there appears a old lady. The old lady was looking at the road slowly, hesitantly.

And at the right time, she was hit by a white car. After the bump, she fell on the street, unconscious and the driver also very quickly open the door step down, put her on the curb. He tried to get her to regain consciousness, but it did not work.

Watching the security camera, apart from the comments on the collision situation, the Internet users are questioning the reaction of the people around that time.

“The people around seemed too ignore to the situation of the old lady.” Instead of trying to call emergency vehicles, the household stood looking with curious attitude, curious, ” one member commented.

“When a collision occurs, look at the reactions of those around , they do not seem to mind, hopefully she does not have any serious problems,”another commented

“I’m really curious, do not understand what people are thinking at the time of her accident?”,

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Linh Diep

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