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The old pockmarked woman wearing short skirt wriggles next to Gaoranger, deep in high music tucks up the skirt and discovers ‘it’ belonging to man
July 28 2018, 10:45 AM
The woman who is called 'the oldest transexual female in Thailand' continuing to share the clip dancing jubilantly next to new love makes netizens excitement

Recently, social networking has the opportunity to stir when Sitang, the sexiest woman in Thailand continues to publish a dancing clip next to new love. It is known that less than two months ago, Sitang also shared the same clip with her other lover.

In particular, in this clip, Sitang’s new lover dressed in spider-man costume and masked head instead of bare and sexy as the first public lovers. Some people think it is because the guy deliberately wants to hide his identity. But there are also comments that this is the concept of Sitang in this comeback, when she and her lover intentionally plays the role of ‘beautiful and superhero’.

Still a short red dress and a familiar ‘coconut’ dance, but the man next to Sitang has turned into spider superhuman.

Let’s watch video below:

Hai Linh

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