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The old mother have had to confine her son in 2-meter cage for nearly 15 years
January 29 2019, 3:44 PM
No one blames the mother for being careless, people around her even admire her bravery.

For almost 15 years, she seems to have been used to hearing the screams of her youngest son and run to behind the house to keep him calm. But for strangers, the fact that a person is confined in a cage is a scary sight. The man with the unkempt hair, naked body, he is wrapped in a thin blanket. After screaming, he sits down in a corner. His cage smells uncomfortably, the old mother explained that her son cannot control his urination so she cannot clean the cage everyday.

“Because my wife and I have 6 children, the life is so difficult. Sometimes there is no rice, so my children can not go to school to study. My youngest son were born as normal as any other child, he grew up with no expression of disease, he was even the most gentle man in my house.”The mother said.

In 2004, when he was 17 years old, he suddenly fell sick after a morning of working. He was in strongest age so every thought that he should have some days off. It is not unexpected that from then on, the gentle boy suddenly changed his temper and his attitude. He  did not like to interact with strangers and he also cannot control his behavior, repeatedly smashed the property of the family and people in the village.

It turned out that he was suffering from schizophrenia. The life has been hard then become worse when in 2010, her husband suffered a stroke and laid on bed for five years and then passed away.

Although she wanted to take her son to psychiatric hospital, she was helpless because she had no money. Daily activities like bathing, eating, personal hygiene are all wrapped up in the cage.

For nearly 15 years, she has not had a full sleep by the screaming, crying and cursing at the midnight of her son. His situation is increasingly heav while her health is also poor every day.

A few times, her children told her to send him to a sponsorship center to have better care. However, she did not want to leave him, so she did not dare to decide.

The fact that a person is confined in a cage is a scary sight.

She did not want to leave him, so she did not dare to decide.


Xuan Tr


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