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Obsessed with the wife holding her baby and standing all night in front of the hotel, now her husband is…
December 06 2018, 10:47 AM
Netizens were shocked when listening to the hotel staff telling the story making many women be haunted and men have to ponder.

Ms. Duyen (born in 1984) said she had 6 years as a receptionist at a hotel. “The hotel has 24 rooms. Every day, I welcome about 60 guests”, Duyen said.

Because of the sensitive reasons and also not wanting to disturb, Ms. Duyen curbed curiosity. However, in the process of being here for many years, she has inadvertently witnessed many things that make herself be obsessed, forever unforgettable.

For example, at around 10 p.m, Ms. Duyen noticed a woman holding a tiny baby, standing on the other side of the street and staring at the gate of the hotel. Forever until 11 p.m, when Ms. Duyen closed the door to sleep, this woman just stepped in. She told stories about her husband’s adultery while she was in confinement. That day, he told his wife to go to work at night so that he secretly picked up the mistress to sleep in bed together.

“When talking to me, she cried. The child was crying as well. However, due to the regulations of the hotel, I could not let the outsider go to the room. I advised her to go home, keep her and her child healthy. But she insisted.

It was not difficult for Duyen to remember who her husband was. It was true that he went with a young girl and came here for the night. Ms. Duyen analyzed the miserable woman: “If you want to wait, you must wait until morning. I see the baby is still blood-red, waiting for the night is not okay”.

The next morning, when waking up, Ms. Duyen discovered the woman was still holding the baby and standing there. It turned out that the young woman did not let go of intention. She accepted to stand the whole night in the dew to wait until dawn, to catch her husband adultery.

The image of the woman holding her child and standing to wait for her husband made Duyen pity and be obsessed. Duyen understood the hurt that the young mother was suffering. When giving birth, the woman needs the care, the protection, especially the love from the husband but this woman…

She forgets that she is also human, has the right to be happy, to be loved, to be respected. Her health and her child’s health need to be put on the top instead of standing there the whole night while the bad guy is enjoying the pleasure. So is it worth?

Of course not! The women, please do not be weak, do not persist because of an unworthy men. Boldly let go, live for yourself, for parents, for children, for things that never betray.

Source: Thoi Dai

Minh Chi

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