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Do not look at these eyes, it will make you are unable to swallow
January 01 2019, 10:32 AM
Tuna eyes, a famous Japanese food, but just looking at these eyes, diners will have a creepy feeling.

In Japan there are many exotic dishes that travelers cannot find anywhere else. Many people who came to Japan for the first time were shocked at the horrible food in this place, but people praised it very well.

Tuna is a fish that is extremely popular with Japanese people, especially it is often processed into delicious sushi and sashimi. Depending on the parts that have different prices, for each large size tuna, they are usually sold in the form of auction. That’s why this fish is always considered an expensive food. However, only the eye parts are extremely cheap.

Tuna eyes are easily purchased from most supermarkets. At first glance, the giant eyes of this fish look very impressive, but the closer you look, the more you feel scared.

Most fish in Japan are often enjoyed by people who eat raw, dipping with soy sauce and mustard. Tuna eyes are no exception, it can be eaten raw but sometimes they are processed into other dishes that look more attractive and less scary.

Some people like to boil the tuna eye and eat it with white rice, served with soy sauce. The taste of the tuna eye, though eaten in any form, is considered to be quite delicious and has many health benefits.

A few years ago, the Japan Health Association put tuna eyes on books for healthy, healthy foods because they contained very high levels of protein and fatty acids. Many people are unable to buy regular tuna meat, they bought tuna eyes as a great alternative.

Tuna eyes are sold in most supermarkets but in very limited quantities, because tuna is not easy to hunt in large numbers. However, if lucky, people can buy very big tuna eyes.

Dieu Linh

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