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Do not let your kid alone in bed with mobile phone or else parents will painfully regret!
July 24 2018, 4:29 PM
As soon as the mom takes her eyes off the child, the baby, instantly crawls near the phone which situated on the edge of the bed, falls and bump her head into the ground grievously.

Babies are always curious and look forward to finding out what happening around them. They also very good at taking chances while adults not around and doing things their own way. As parents, ones must make sure to keep an eye on them as long as they’re awake or else the consequences are unbearable.

These two are having a mother-daughter time when the mom decides to leave the room for a few second.

The baby sees a mysterious black “thing” right at the corner

 And of course, as her natural instinct, she crawls over there and takes it.

The phone slips her hand and she tries to reach out. Unfortunately, she is laying at the edge of the bed and when reaching out, she falls hard on the ground.

The mother hears the frightening sound and comes back to the room. The baby is already hurt!

This is for sure a wakening call for all the parents out there. Always keep their eyes on the toddler or else unexpected incidents might happen.

Kieu Anh

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